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How It Works

PennyTalk World makes international calling easy and affordable. For a low monthly fee, you can select an unlimited calling plan or a 500 minute calling plan. You won't need to worry about running up a big phone bill, buying calling cards or remembering long PINs to dial. Staying in touch just got much simpler.

With PennyTalk World, you designate one phone number to call from for your in-plan calls -- your home or cell phone number. You'll be able to make calls from that designated U.S. phone number to any country in your plan. You can also make calls to other locations or cellular numbers not included in your plan at low per-minute rates.

Making Calls

Making calls with PennyTalk World is as easy as 1-2:

  1. Dial the PennyTalk World toll-free access number (800-687-9894) from your designated phone.
  2. Dial the international (or domestic) number that you're calling. That's all there is to it!

Making Calls from Phones Other Than Your Designated Phone

You can place a call from any phone, not just the one you designate for your plan. Just call the PennyTalk World access number as you usually do, then follow the prompts. Calls made from other phones are considered out of plan and require you to fund an Out of Plan Balance. Out of plan calls are billed at per minute rates.

To make out of plan calls from other phones easier, simply register additional phone numbers you will call from using the No-PIN Dialing feature in the PennyTalk World Account Center. With No-PIN Dialing, you won't need to enter your Account Number and PIN when calling from one of your other phones.

Out of Plan Calling

For calls to countries or mobile phones that are not included in your plan, or to call from other phones, fund an Out of Plan Balance and make calls at affordable per-minute rates.

For example, if you call Brazil frequently and choose the South America Select plan and would like to call China, the Out of Plan rate to China is just 2¢ a minute. Simply fund an Out of Plan balance for your calls to China and use the dialing instructions above.

Signing Up for PennyTalk World

To start making PennyTalk World calls, sign up for your monthly plan now. Unlimited plans are available for a little as $14.95 a month.

You may use a credit card (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard) or debit card (Visa- or MasterCard-branded) to make your purchase.

Other Options

If the country you call the most is not included in any PennyTalk World plan (for example, South Africa or Russia), please consider the PennyTalk Global Calling Card for your calling needs. With competitive rates and easy-to-use features, it may be the right option for you.

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